City Registration in Düsseldorf: Where to go and what to do

Germans are well known for their bureaucracy, and as a foreigner living here you will interact with it, and learn to successfully navigate it. Registering yourself as a resident of the city where you live is one small piece of that bureaucracy, and becomes a necessity if you want to be more here than a tourist. While Germans are typically very private people, city registration is one of those things where they surprise you on how invasive they allow government to be for the sake of streamlining the rest of the bureaucratic process. As an American I was shocked that I had to confirm to the authorities who I was and where I lived. While not very private, it is one of the easiest and most important things to be done upon arrival. If you fail to take this simple step, many other things you have to accomplish become either very difficult if not impossible. REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

In Düsseldorf, this is very easy. You simply need to take your passport, a copy of the lease from where you are living and a completed registration form down to the Einwohnermeldeamt. Here in Düsseldorf this is located on the ground floor of the Bürgerbüro located at Willi-Becker-Allee 7, which you can find on the back side of the Hauptbahnhof. You do not need to make an appointment but will need to go during their normal open hours as listed below.

Mon, Tues 7:30-16:00
Thur 7:30-18:00
Wed, Fri 7:30-13:00

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