Looking to learn German while living in Düsseldorf? Fortunately there are a lot of options available that can meet most peoples’ needs.

In terms of cost there are no programs that can compete with the German courses offered by the Volkshochschule. For instance, a 100 hour intensive A1 beginner course currently costs 210€. If you have the time you can complete through B2 for less than 1,000€ through the Volkshochschule. However, courses fill up quickly and have limited day parts available, so it can be sometimes hard to find courses that fit with your schedule. If you plan far enough ahead this problem can be easy to get past.

Of course there are more expensive, and normally more flexible options available. A good choice that comes highly recommended as being very good, flexible and reasonable cost wise is Sprachcaffee. The equivalent 100 hours here will cost just under 1,000€.

Of course learning the German language is also available at the larger language schools, such as Goethe and Berlitz, but these can become very expensive. Goethe is slightly more expensive at just over 1,000€ for 100 hours, while Berlitz, even for an online virtual class, is the most expensive at more than 1,200€ for the online class and close to 2,000€ for in person instruction.

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